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Clean City CBTF

Clean city waste management company is a common bio medical waste treatment facility situated at sommurbugh lasjan kashmir. The company was established in year 2002 in association with the nursing home association of kashmir valley and regestered with the State Pollution Board Srinagar for collection , transportation and treatment of common bio medical waste generated from different health care facilities in Srinagar and adjoining districts.

Bar-coding system


The waste collected from various Hcf`s being scanned with the bar coding device which gives the exact details of the different color coded waste bags along its weight. The same is generated and the record is maintained on the server about the daily operations and the quantity of the waste collected.

online monitoring system


This system indicates the different parameters related to the emissions. The device is connected with the incinerator and therefore the co, co2 levels besides primary and secondary temperatures are being monitored. This ensures that the emissions remain within the permissible limits.

Global positioning system


This system named as GPS system is fitted in the specially designed the vehicles and the movement of the vehicles are tracked accordingly. This system enables us to find the location of the transportation of bio medical waste from the health care facilities till the common bio medical treatment facility.



  • To provide proper service to all members of Health Care Establishments (HCEs) in Kashmir to Customer Satisfaction.


  • To conduct more awareness training programs for proper segregation of Bio-Medical Waste.


  • To ensure proper storage of the Bio Medical wastes as per their classification & characterization.

Our Process


At our facility Biomedical wastes are destructed by the combustion of organic substances contained in biomedical waste materials.


This facility has 8 TPD (Designed capacity) autoclave facility dedicated for the purposes of disinfecting and treating bio-medical waste.

Chemical Disinfection

This facility has 15 TPD (Designed capacity) chemical disinfection dedicated for the purposes of disinfecting and treating bio-medical wastes.

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Plastic shredder

This facility has 20 TPD (Designed capacity) shredding, post autoclaving plastic waste are shredded into small pieces so that it cannot be used and send to authorized plastic recycler for reprocessing.


Effluent treatment plant (ETP)

Hospitals consume large volume of water per day for different purposes and also generate large volumes of wastewater that need to be treated.