About Us

Clean city waste management company is a common bio medical waste treatment facility situated at Sommurbugh lasjan kashmir.

The company was established in year 2002 in association with the nursing home association of Kashmir valley and registered with the State pollution control Board Srinagar, for collection, transportation, and treatment of common bio medical waste generated from different health care facilities in Srinagar and adjoining districts.

The services are being offered on the basis of the bed Strength.

The plant is equipped with all the necessary equipments/machines for scientific treatment of different kinds of hazardous bio medical wastes.

The Bio Medical waste is carried in the segregated form at source.

The company is equipped with all modern and latest gadgets which includes bar-coding system online monitoring system and global positioning system.

Bar-coding system: The waste collected from various Hcf`s being scanned with the bar coding device which gives the exact details of the different color coded waste bags along its weight. The same is generated and the record is maintained on the server about the daily operations and the quantity of the waste collected.

Online monitoring system: this system indicates the different parameters related to the emissions. The device is connected with the incinerator and therefore the co, co2 levels besides primary and secondary temperatures are being monitored. This ensures that the emissions remain within the permissible limits.

Global positioning system: this system named as GPS system is fitted in the specially designed the vehicles and the movement of the vehicles are tracked accordingly. This system enables us to find the location of the transportation of bio medical waste from the health care facilities till the common bio medical treatment facility.


Different types of machines available are :

  1. incinerators
  2. auto clave
  3. shredder
  4. Effluent treatment Brief description of treatment:
    1. Yellow category: the hazardous waste mainly soiled waste which includes human tissues,histopatholigical waste, cotton sobs, linen etc is being incinerated at the

temperature of 900-600⁰c in primary and secondary chambers . The hazardous waste is transformed into ash and the same is buried in the landfill site.

  1. Red category: the category of waste mainly infected plastic syringes gloves & plastic waste is first disinfected using sodium hypo chloride solution and after wards shredded into powder.
  2. White category: this category of waste includes needles and This type of waste is destroyed and then buried in the sharp pit.
  3. Blue category: this category of waste includes mainly glass ware discarded medicines ampoules, vials etc. This kind of waste is auto claved and disposed
  4. Effluent treatment Plant: All the vehicles are being washed along with the plant and the flushed water is treated through the ETP .This treated water is later used for cleaning and irrigation

Trainings and workshops: The workshops are carried out from time to time in order to educate the staff at source against the handling of Bio medical waste and its segregation. LIST OF CLIENTS: The list of our clients is published on our website www.cleancitycbtf.com and is updated frequently.